Divinatory card games, oracles and tarot cards are both used in analysis or self-analysis. They are used to analyze the present or to predict future events. While these comprehensive tools can produce identical results, there are differences between the two.

What exactly does the word "Oracles" mean?

An oracle is the artistic/allegorical manifestation of an author in the form of a divinatory card game. In other words, tarology oracles are like books and paintings. Indeed, it is a vision of the spirit and the symbolism of the creator that structure the oracle. Some tarology oracles include thirty (30) cards and others, many more. In addition, there are codifications, different from those traced by the author. This is why it is said that an oracle is more "intimate", since it is mostly inside an author's head. In addition, it should also be noted that some oracles tend to be tarot-like, based on one of the more global traditional coats of arms (astrology in particular).

What about tarot cards or tarot decks?

Also called decks of cards, Tarot cards have a defined composition, which is repeated from one deck to another. Tarot cards, on the basic level, all look alike... or almost so. In general, you will find seventy-eight (78) cards, divided into 56 minor arcana (with Swords and Pins, Cups, Sticks) and 22 major arcana. With the exception of a few small dissimilarities in the order of a few blades (between the Rider Waite tarot and the Tarot de Marseille tarot especially), the composition remains identical. Some fortune-tellers choose to sort out the 22 major blades only of the Tarot de Marseille.

And concretely?

Because of its universal characteristic, being initiated to the symbolism of the tarot gives the possibility to use different tarot cards, without having to learn everything from scratch. If some tarot cards are, on the other hand, unpublished by their illustrations, they have a less harmonious and more practical vocation than the oracle. As for the tarology oracles, they are simply the products of an author's understanding. They are easier to approach, since they instantly give the keys to discernment. On the other hand, in the allegory of the author, one can feel cramped. This is the reason why some tarology oracles are limited, especially for complex questions. But whatever they may be, cards, oracles and tarot cards make it possible to work on oneself and also to predict the future.