Cartomancy & tarology


How to use tarot cards to guide daily decision-making

Conventionally, tarot cards were used as a parlor game. However, this has since changed. Over the past few centuries to date, tarot cards are used as a tool to discern the present, past, and future of an individual. The tarot…

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The Guardian Angel is at the service of man for the glory of God

Guardian Angels are indeed a reality, but they are pure spirits, without body, invisible to our eyes of flesh; therefore we tend to forget them easily. It is good to remember from time to time what help they can be…

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Do you really know all the missions of your guardian angel?

The guardian angel is the one who must lead the person entrusted to him by God to holiness and eternal life. He is therefore the “minister of God’s care for each person”, as Benedict XVI said, both spiritually and materially….

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Is the Tarot de Marseille reserved for an elite of Initiates or mediums?

Tarology is the art of divination through card games including the Tarot de Marseille. It is an intuitive clairvoyance. That is to say, a divination requiring the use of a medium, namely cards. Divination by the tarot de Marseille is,…

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Using the divinatory tarot: to guide your career or studies

In the field of clairvoyance, there are clairvoyants using playing cards as a divination medium. The decks of cards used are generally the Tarot de Marseille, hence the name “tarologues” for fortune-tellers using these types of media. How does it…

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Where to learn how to draw cards?

Cartomancy is an art of divination through maps. With the help of a tarot deck or the usual cards, the fortune teller deciphers a message and reveals it to his or her consultant. There are ways for those interested to…

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Cardboard: the different printing methods

The sighted people use the game cards to find out in advance about upcoming events and to answer any questions the consultant may have concerning each area of his life. There are many possible methods for drawing the cards. Tarology…

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Why are some games called “Oracles” rather than “cards” or “tarot cards”?

Divinatory card games, oracles and tarot cards are both used in analysis or self-analysis. They are used to analyze the present or to predict future events. While these comprehensive tools can produce identical results, there are differences between the two….

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What is the Tarot of the Angels: presentation and particularities

Guardian angels are divine beings whose role is to watch over men from the moment they are born. However, human beings are not aware of their chances of having these angels to protect them and help them make the right…

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