Guardian angels are divine beings whose role is to watch over men from the moment they are born. However, human beings are not aware of their chances of having these angels to protect them and help them make the right decisions in their lives. To communicate with one's guardian angel, there is the Angel Tarot, which is an art known throughout the world.

Presentation of the Tarot of the Angels

For centuries, the angel tarot has been part of the tarot divination games. This oracle is composed of 78 cards in total. The 22 major cards, also called major arcana, represent an angel and its benefits describing capital and important events, the 56 minor cards or minor arcana correspond to daily events. The tarot of angels is a divine guide support allowing consultants to bring appeasement and optimism. The cards are perpetually benevolent and help the person who consults them to obtain a clear idea of a situation, to benefit from advice and comfort as well as positive vibes about his or her life.

Special features of the Angel Tarot

The Angel Tarot is an exceptional divination tarot deck that allows consultants to connect with their guardian angels to acquire information, recommendations and real solutions. A draw of the divination tarot games will allow you to take initiatives on the roads to follow, to remove in your head the possible doubts and blockages which can harm your success. Your guardian angel will dictate advice and recommendations to you in order to avoid the various traps on your path. The map blades will give you other divine messages to guide you towards happiness by focusing on your assets. You can visit if you want to know how to find your guardian angel.

Method of drawing the Tarot of the Angels

The rules of the Tarot Divination game are the same as those of the Tarot de Marseille, but the game is played differently. For the angel tarot drawing methods, a guardian angel is represented by a single card. This game highlights the distinct colours of each angel. Each of these cards delivers a reply to a situation by offering explanations to the person who consults it. Some angel cards are more favourable than others. To do an angel tarot session, you must first of all be in a peaceful place with a calm atmosphere. Then, in order to draw a card, you should think about a specific question that you feel is necessary, about your love or financial future for example. It is essential to focus on positive vibes in order to achieve concrete results.