The sighted people use the game cards to find out in advance about upcoming events and to answer any questions the consultant may have concerning each area of his life. There are many possible methods for drawing the cards.

Tarology printing: the basics

Each fortune teller has his own method of drawing cards. He also modifies this method according to the demand and expectations of his customers. The tarology draw generally consists of mixing the cards and it is at this point that the consultant thinks about the intention of the consultation, the selection of cards and the interpretation of the selected cards.

The 3-card tarology draw

One of the simplest printing techniques is to cut the cards after shuffling them. It will be the card that comes up at the moment of cutting the pack of cards that designates the answer to the request and the intention at the start. The fortune teller also uses the three-card draw technique, as the name suggests, so the consultant must draw three cards after the cards are shuffled and cut. These cards will be laid out on the table for interpretation by the fortune teller. The first card corresponds to the state of mind of the consultant, the second shows the evolution of his situation and the third card gives the means to solve his problems.

The cross print

There are no mandatory rules for cardboard prints, so all techniques are allowed. Apart from the cross print, there is a long list of other card-carton printing techniques such as the inter-relational print, the 7-card print, the horseshoe, the Celtic print, the small or large pyramid, the big cross... On the other hand, the cross print consists in arranging five cards drawn by the consultant in a cross on the table. From right to left, the card drawn first and the second card must be put on the table. From top to bottom, the third and fourth selected card must be placed. In this case, the last card drawn is placed in the centre. These cards indicate opportunities, obstacles, progress in the near future and any progress in the future. The rank of each map drawn determines these interpretations. Cartomancy answers the question on the professional, love or other areas of life.