For the majority of people, clairvoyants and mediums are human beings in their own right. They are people endowed with powers that surpass rationality. Why do these people have these kinds of powers? Who are they really and how do they work to help others?

Psychicity and mediumship

Foresight refers to an individual's ability to know in advance a future event or to guess facts that have already happened in a given person's life. It is an extrasensory perception that the power holder himself may not be able to explain. The divination made by the clairvoyant has nothing to do with a logic-deductive intellectual approach. The notion of mediumnity comes into play when there is a perception of messages coming from the beyond and from the spirits. The clairvoyant medium is therefore the one who has both the capacity to perceive the future or the past and to communicate with the spirits. Professionals of clairvoyance render services by revealing and dissecting events and messages that are not perceptible by the five senses. There are many clairvoyants available for those who wish to consult with true professionals in the art of divination.

The materials of the seers

The crystal ball is the material that common sense naturally attributes to the medium clairvoyant. This is not untrue, at least for clairvoyants who excel in crystallomania or divination by means of the crystal ball. There are, however, other mediums and mediumship mediums such as: tarot de Marseille, coffee grounds, Arabic numerals... There are also mediums and mediums who do not use any medium for divination and contact with the spirits. They simply rely on their extrasensory powers, their clairvoyance, their easy access to parallel worlds and the beyond.

Exercising your clairvoyance talents

The medium clairvoyant offers his services to people to clear up the grey areas in their lives and to guide them towards serenity and fulfilment. It is neither therapy nor personal development. Rather, it is visions and revelations that help people to see more clearly in their lives. Once the riddles have been solved and the mysteries revealed, the individual who consults a psychic medium puts his or her life in order. Divination professionals receive their clients in their offices. However, the profession takes into account technological innovations to better serve people. This is why clairvoyants and mediums offer consultations by telephone, SMS and the Internet.