Cartomancy is an art of divination through maps. With the help of a tarot deck or the usual cards, the fortune teller deciphers a message and reveals it to his or her consultant. There are ways for those interested to be able to do the same. Thanks to the internet, one can learn the basics and in practice, one asserts oneself with experience.

Cartomancy in a general vision

Cartomancy is part of the divinatory arts, but displays very different traits from clairvoyance. The instrument used is traditionally a tarot deck. Today, however, fortune-tellers use decks of 32 or 52 cards. These, after a few manipulations, reveal a message that seems to predict the future. In fact, the latter is not yet a given, as its realisation depends entirely on the consultant. The fortune teller must then know all the codes, symbols and meanings of each card at his fingertips in order to be able to deliver this famous message. He can therefore change according to the fortune-teller.

Internet a good way to get information

There are several blogs and sites that offer online courses in cartomancy and tarology. Often free of charge, these addresses allow the person concerned to understand everything about these subjects, from their appearance to the present day. Nowadays, thanks to the internet and with a little willpower, anyone can become self-taught. Here you can see the main basic rules for getting started and the various tips. It reveals a lot of secrets, starting with how to choose a deck of cards and going on to show how to put them on the table in front of the consultant. In short, the search for information must be permanent so that knowledge can always expand and evolve in the right direction.

Practicing and learning at the same time

Practice is the best way to learn. Once you have learned the basics, you will have to apply them from now on. There is no need for assistance, it is quite possible to draw the cards yourself. However, it is essential to note that you must be in a good, even excellent, state of mind to draw the cards. With calm and serenity, interpretation needs a favourable environment. Finally, sharing with other cartomaniacs grants a self-evaluation and necessarily improvements. In short, it allows everyone to forge his or her own path.