In the field of clairvoyance, there are clairvoyants using playing cards as a divination medium. The decks of cards used are generally the Tarot de Marseille, hence the name "tarologues" for fortune-tellers using these types of media. How does it all work? What are the advantages of tarology and card fortune-telling?

Divination using the Tarot de Marseille

The fortune teller generally uses the Piedmontese tarot for divination. There are also those who use Sicilian tarot or Swiss Troccas. The cards used by fortune tellers are generally those with Latin signs. The Tarot de Marseille has 78 Arcana, of which 22 major and 56 minor blades. Adepts of this divinatory art can take advantage of the tarot benefits for various fields such as love, health, but also study and work. These advantages are, for example, the reconciliation of couples after the resolution of problems deemed insoluble, the regaining of confidence in life following predictions that have allowed the avoidance of a rather serious health accident...

Divinatory Tarot to guide one's studies

Pupils and students can very well consult a tarologist to put their studies in order. It is also an excellent way to see what awaits them in the future, for example for student orientation after the baccalaureate. For students, it may be to find out their chances of passing bachelor's, master's or doctoral examinations. In order to take advantage of these tarology advantages in order to master one's future as a student or professional, the tarologist proposes a 7-card or cross print and then proceeds with its interpretation. For a quick but efficient consultation, the fortune teller can propose a 3-card or 5-card print.

A successful career thanks to the Tarot de Marseille

Many professionals consult a fortune teller to find out about their future at work. These people who consult a tarologist are employees looking for promotion but also entrepreneurs wishing to know the evolution of their company in the medium and long term. For the latter, the fortune-teller offers an in-depth consultation based on the drawing of 7 cards or cross, 10 cards or 12 cards. This allows the fortune teller to make his predictions intelligible and precise. In addition, it is possible to enjoy the advantages of online tarology by drawing cards on a reliable and reputable fortune-telling and fortune-telling site.