Published on : 13 October 20203 min reading time

What is a guardian angel? This may seem a naive question at first, but do we really know what a guardian angel is? We know that there is an entity that watches over us and protects us somewhere in Heaven, which can take different forms… But do we know much more? Have you ever been really interested in the history of angels and their role with Mankind?

Then here is a little explanation of who the guardian angels really are.

The guardian angel, a guardian spirit

The guardian angel is a guardian spirit, that is to say an entity that watches over our destiny in a beneficial way. There are many forces that cross the universe, the guardian angel is part of the beneficial forces, which bring us only good things, and positive things. He protects us from illness, accidents and sin. You can check if you want to know more about your guardian angel.

What is a guardian angel and what is his role?

They are more commonly known as guardian angels, but they are also known as protective angels, cherubs, archangels and messengers of God.

We find in sacred texts the presence of angels as messengers of God, but their role is above all to protect the human beings they watch over.

As Pope Benedict XVI says: “The invisible presence of these blessed spirits is a great help and a great comfort to us: they walk beside us, they protect us in all circumstances, they defend us in danger, and we can have recourse to them at any time. »

Some ancient texts evoke angels as the forces of Good existing in this world. Any good that happens to us would be due to the presence of our guardian angel who walks by us at every moment, full of charity and love, ready to fight against anything that could harm or damage us.

What is a guardian angel and how can we attest to his presence near us?

Of course, we cannot see the guardian angels, let alone touch them, but it is possible to feel their presence strongly at our side.

Yes, because the guardian angel is a true travelling companion, it is our best friend who accompanies us in all our galleys, it is the attentive ear that listens to us when we need it, whatever the time of day or night.

If many texts in History testify to interaction with guardian angels, it is certain that we have no material proof of it. But how can we refuse to believe just because we cannot see it?

All the representations that have been made in history, the testimonies of many men who have met the guardian angels, the exceptional luck that some people have during an accident… Everything contributes to attesting their presence with us at every moment.