The guardian angel is the one who must lead the person entrusted to him by God to holiness and eternal life. He is therefore the "minister of God's care for each person", as Benedict XVI said, both spiritually and materially. He is both protector and teacher, friend and guide. But how does he act in everyday life?

A precious help in everyday life

A special mission of our guardian angel is to help and defend us in our spiritual struggle against temptation and the tempter. It is particularly noteworthy that our guardian angel can be invoked to protect our imagination and memory, to guard us from nightmares and haunting ideas. Visit for more about guardian angels. Angels of light as well as those of darkness can intervene in our psychology, provoke thoughts and emotions. However, they never have access to our spiritual soul, which is the temple of God alone. Our guardian angel advises and encourages us in the fulfilment of our duty of state. The philosopher Jacques Maritain wrote: "When a sudden (and good) inspiration comes to us, it can certainly be of purely natural origin. But it is likely that, more often than we think, it is blown into our ears by our guardian angel".

An unsuspected role

Finally, our guardian angel can carry out some special tasks for other people. Pope Pius XI once confided: "Whenever we have to speak with someone who is difficult for our arguments to reach, and with whom our language must have an even more persuasive tone, we have recourse to our guardian angel. We recommend the case to him. We ask him to intervene with the guardian angel of the person we are going to meet. The agreement thus established between the two angels, the conversation becomes much easier.