Many people think that intuition and clairvoyance are the same thing. Some even assume that intuition would be the beginning of clairvoyance. However, they are two completely different notions that presuppose neither. Here is a dossier that will help you to differentiate between intuition and clairvoyance.

What is intuition?

Also called intuitive intelligence, intuition is that strange feeling that occurs in our brain to help us make choices. In fact, every one of us has already had this experience with a hunch that the phone is going to ring or that something is going to stop us from doing certain things. Many consider this intuitive power to be a sixth sense, or more precisely, an ability to acquire knowledge that we have never had before. In any case, intuition is a notion that remains inexplicable today. According to scientists, this strange power comes from our unconscious. It would come from experiences we have made, but which are inaccessible to our conscious mind. In the same case, there is also the impression of déjà vu. It is also a situation that awakens our instinct. Indeed, in this situation, the memories that have fled into our unconscious re-surface and tell us that we have already known this person somewhere or that a situation is familiar to us. In short, intuition and the impression of déjà vu all come from our unconscious.

What is clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance has always been a subject that is the subject of many questions. To define it as the ability to see the future would be too simplistic. The gift of clairvoyance takes its name from the word "see", and not for nothing. A clairvoyant possesses the ability to see things that we cannot see. Indeed, he can clearly see the object that is part of our past, but also the one that will play a major role in our future. Simply put, he can see a scene from our past or future history, just like when we watch a film. There is therefore a certain temporality in clairvoyance that does not exist in intuition. Indeed, the clairvoyant is not bound by time, he can travel freely through the past and the future.

Distinguishing clairvoyance from intuition

Many people confuse intuition and clairvoyance. In order to distinguish them correctly, it is important to know that these two notions do not presuppose each other and that, contrary to intuition, clairvoyance allows us to see very precise visual flashes.