The aura is defined as a luminous contour representing different subtle bodies. This coloured halo radiates all around a living or non-living being, animal, man, paper, plants... Each colour has a particular meaning that would be associated with a planet of the solar system. As an energy field and a reflection of the vital energies of the organism, it reflects the character, health, emotional state and mental activity of the etheric body.

Meaning of the aura

The aura represents an energetic envelope with a variety of colours. Its ovoid shape surrounds any organism. In the human being, it is composed of several layers where vital energy circulates. The layers interact with the physical body through the chakra. According to its definition, there are seven main energetic bodies capable of emitting specific energetic vibrations. The energy of the physical body is represented by the first three layers surrounding man. While the fourth layer represents the astral body, the energy vibrations of the spiritual body are evoked by the last three layers surrounding the body. There are some techniques for visualising one's aura. The first is to photograph it with a special camera. The apprentice medium can also use specific exercises to visualise his aura. People suffering from synesthesia may unwittingly see coloured halos coming from people and objects. This neurological dysfunction is a disease characterised by a disturbance of the senses.

Meaning of the colours of an aura

The aura is an invisible energy surrounding each being. It possesses a certain substance, colours and forms. The peculiarity of its colours reflects a person's emotional state, state of health, character. The interpretation of colours is positive depending on the degree of clarity of the colours. If the sky blue represents a sensitive, generous, dreamy, calm person..., the dark blue represents a fearful person who is afraid of his own abilities. Other colours seen when studying the aura are green, orange, pink, yellow, purple and red.

Presentation of the four subtle bodies of the aura

The four subtle bodies proper to the aura are the etheric body, the emotional and astral body, the mental body and finally the causal body. To feel the etheric body, the clairvoyant positions his hands 3 cm from the physical body. The oracle can feel the emotional body to detect the nature of the blockages in certain patients. The particularity of the mental body is that it retains the memory of past lives. By studying the subtle body, karmic knots can be detected. Finally, the causal body represents the soul of a person. Even if this esoteric concept is not recognised by science, it allows us to identify certain blockages, to find well-being and a better balance.