The sixth sense is considered to be the extrasensory perception of a person. This perception exceeds that of the five common senses. Everyone possesses latent capacities that are intuitive. While some people find it difficult to believe that the sixth sense exists, it is nevertheless possible to access it. The trick is to develop it through some of the exercises explained in this article.

Some steps to develop your sixth sense

The first phase to develop one's intuition is to resort to meditation. The objective of this exercise is to clear the mind by reducing all the great parasites of intuition such as logic, fears, rationality. In order to make the most of the intuitive capacities that lie dormant in each one of us, we must know how to listen to our intuition. An intuitive person knows how to feel people, things and events. Mastering intuition requires listening, observation, openness to oneself and to the world. To boost your sixth sense, you need to remain open-minded and have confidence in yourself and your emotions. It is also important to know how to let go. This practice is an encouraging attitude to open up to life. Letting go consists of learning to enjoy the present moment while putting facts into perspective. It is also important to know how to listen to your body. Other conditions include feeling one's emotions, psychological signals such as breathing, heartbeat, fullness, a feeling of confidence...

How can you use your intuition?

It is possible to cultivate one's intuition. The sixth sense is an instinctive feeling that can be translated as something that we know or think we know from an intimate conviction and not from conscious reasoning. Those who know how to develop their intuition are capable of liking or hating a person at the first encounter. It can also be a hunch that a tragic event or a nice surprise is about to happen. A person can enrich their sixth sense as they are exposed to complex and varied situations.

Developing intuition through meditation

Each one of us has an intuition, a small voice that guides us and sends signs to take important decisions, for example. The concern is that not everyone knows how to use these signs. The clairvoyant and the medium know how to use them better than ordinary people. In order to reconnect with one's intuition, all that is needed is a meditation session of a few minutes a day. Through guided meditation or silent meditation, one can reconnect to one's soul and sharpen without a sixth sense.