Today, many people turn to clairvoyance to find out about their future, especially in difficult life situations. Tired of looking for solutions, they end up seeking the help of a clairvoyant to solve problems in relationships, work or health. As an expert in the art of divination, she has the ability to guess the past and present and predict the future of an individual. To do this, she uses various divination aids such as cards.

A few words about clairvoyance

Clairvoyance can be summed up as an ability and faculty allowing a person to have flashes or visions about an event, be it in the past, present or future. We can also talk about the ability to perceive olfactory, auditory, taste or tactile information. It should be noted that clairvoyance is a gift in an individual who is particularly sensitive to his environment. It cannot be learned, but develops. In this field, the specialist uses many devices to study a situation. Cards are among the most widely used media.

What can the medium do?

Thanks to the gift he has, he can build a link between the physical world and the world beyond. He can communicate with the spirits, receive and transmit their messages. However, the clairvoyant has no power over the spirits. He then plays the simple messenger. It should be noted that all clairvoyants have their own particularities. They differ either by their specialities or by their clairvoyant mediums. A clairvoyant who uses the cards knows the meanings of the cards and it is his role to interpret the print in a coherent way according to the imagery. It even seems that reading and deciphering the cards is like telling a whole story where joy, sorrow, hopes, disappointments and any other emotion can follow one after the other.

How to draw the cards?

The drawing of the cards takes place in a few steps. First of all, you have to shuffle the fortune-telling cards and then cut them. The shaman can ask the person who consults him to carry out this operation. It is important to look at the cut at the time of the drawing. To do this, one must look at the last card on the top pack and the first one on top of the other cut on the hidden side. Next, the deck should be grouped as it was before and spread out on the table.