Flash, premonition and clairvoyance vision Words that we are used to hearing, but that we tend to confuse. What really makes them different? In this article, learn how to distinguish between these 3 elements.

The flash

Taking its name from the sparkle emitted by a camera, the flash voyance is a sudden illumination that can appear in three different forms: visual, felt or auditory. Visionaries use this ability to predict an event, but also to illuminate a specific situation that refers to a person's present or past. The flash results in an image, a short film that appears spontaneously and disappears quickly. As a result, you will need to have a fairly good memory to be able to note it down and thus exploit it.

The premonition

Unlike the flash, which is an image, premonition is an insistent thought that warns us that a more or less serious event will take place soon. Indeed, it is most often not a good sign. And yet, it cannot be controlled by our psyche. In the case of premonitory dreams, our dream gives us a fairly precise vision of a situation or event to come. And contrary to what one might think, premonitory dreams are not just legends. In fact, many people claim to have already had a premonitory dream in their lives.

The vision of clairvoyance

In the world of clairvoyance, there are two types of vision: - voluntary visions: these visions are those provoked by mediums. They are most often used in police investigations. - Involuntary visions: these generally occur during sleep or during meditation. As the name suggests, this type of vision is involuntary and is by no means the result of conscious application. We all possess this ability. However, few people are able to develop it. According to studies, individuals who have an innate sensitivity are more likely to do so. Visions sometimes make us think that the future is written. And yet this is absolutely false. After all, the future is one probability among many, which means that we all have a variable destiny. If, however, your seer makes a prediction, but you don't do the right things to change the course of events, then there is a good chance that his prediction will come true.