The Secrets of Tarot

There are several possible methods for perfecting your card drawing.
The techniques of taromancy were jealously guarded by brotherhoods during the Renaissance.

Tarot de Marseille

The Tarot de Marseille is a tool for personal reflection. This medium of divination allows you to travel in time, to explore the heart of the consultants.

Oracles of Belline

The oracles of Belline are prints capable of revealing the future. These divination media carry messages of hope capable of dispelling doubts.

Classic cards

The cutaway print is a classic type of divination card capable of glimpsing the main lines of fate that may arise over the next few weeks, months or years.

Printing of the cards

There are several ranges of card prints: the Petit Normand, the Belline oracle, the oracle of angels, Persian tarot, tarot de Marseille, tarot de l'amour.

Voyance by audiotel

Tarot card printing by phone

A tarot reading is a way to get answers about your professional, love and financial future. The first advantage of a clairvoyance consultation by telephone is that these sessions are done in complete discretion. Other assets of a clairvoyance by audiotel, the remote consultations reduce the problems of constraints and displacements. This practical and economical offer allows you to set a budget before the consultation. On Temporel, you will find tarot cards and oracles, all carefully designed with the sole aim of identifying difficulties as closely as possible and providing precise answers. They will guide you from day to day, whatever your questions, and the areas that concern you.

Different types of tarot cards

Tarot of Angels

Thanks to the symbolism of the guardian angel, the angel tarot allows consultants to reduce the doubts and anxieties present. Before the start of the draws, it will be necessary to know your AngelsNames.

Egyptian Tarot

Considered to be one of the oldest divinatory tools, the Egyptian tarot is composed of 24 blades: 7 positive, 7 negative, as many neutral cards and 3 blades on destiny.

Tarot of Thoth

Thoth's tarot was first published in 1969. This deck of cards presents trumps obtained through a combination of the tree of life and astrology.

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Mythological Tarot

The mythological tarot represents a hero and a heroine. The cards also contain gods and fantastic creatures from the world of Greek mythology.

Tarot de Marseille

The Tarot de Marseille aims at an advanced interpretation of future events. Thanks to this draw, the consultant obtains a detail on his medium-term future.

The Little Lenormand

Le Petit Lenormand is an easier approach to the divinatory arts. This medium is currently one of the trendiest divination tools.

Technique for drawing the cards

Cartomancy is one of the most difficult and demanding divination arts to understand. The apprentice fortune-teller can begin his or her initiation by practising with a 32-card deck or a Tarot de Marseille. To ensure that the cards are printed in excellent conditions, it is recommended that you choose a peaceful place. The apprentice card maker can improve the location of the draw by taking care of the atmosphere in the room. Consider dimming the light, try to reach a state of deep relaxation. To get into condition, you will need to free your mind from parasitic thoughts so that you can concentrate on the subject that is on the consultant’s mind.

Card draws are one of many divinatory practices among many others

Tarot and card drawing

Cross pull

Cross pull

The cross pull owes its name to the way the blades are arranged. The cross pull is a tool whose advantage is that it can be adapted to several situations. People who do not have a good command of it may have difficulties when pulling it.

Drawing the pyramid

Drawing the pyramid

We start by drawing 6 cards that represent the past, 4 blades that evoke the present. The medium then draws 3 then 2 cards to find out the future. The top of the pyramid is made up of one card. It indicates the synthesis of the drawing.

Drawing of the first name

Drawing of the first name

The principle of the first name draw is that it indicates the path to follow while guiding the consultant in his choices. During these sessions, the map should be read in combination with other maps. This drawing will often answer a specific question.

There are as many map prints as there are shapes. For example, we distinguish the cross print, the point of view, the horn of plenty, the tree print, the pyramid print… Thanks to the interpretation of the cards, we can discover the mysterious messages revealed during the prints.

Purifying an oracle or tarot card holder

Tarot protection and cleaning

Protective stones

Protective stones

The choice of tarot card cover stones is quite complex given the many models available on the market. The rock crystal is one of the most common stones that have a vibratory energy capable of feeding the cards.

Cleaning stones

Cleaning stones

The cleaning stones of a divinatory medium such as tarot require the use of an accessory such as rock crystal. The cleaning is done by putting in the same box, the cards to be cleaned as well as an amethyst and the rock crystal.

Organising your tarot

Organising your tarot

To simplify the organisation of a tarot deck, it is preferable to prepare the slides. To optimise the print, it is recommended to add powder to the divinatory support. This operation requires the use of talcum powder and specialised incense.